What is a DON bezel?

by Javier Arranz

We’ve all been there, checking some watch ads until suddenly we see: Speedmaster with DON bezel (usually next to a rather large price tag). Why is it so expensive comparing it to its fellow brothers? What does it mean DON on a bezel?

At first sight, a non-trained eye, may see all the Speedmasters’ bezels as the same: rounded black shape with a tachymeter scale on it. But we, as collectors, should give a twist and see a little closer.

The Speedmaster line was initially produced on 1957 by Omega. They started producing the reference CK2915, a piece with the well sought after broad arrow hands and curved lugs.

This piece includes the famous DON bezel, meaning that the tachymetre scale has a particular characteristic to it: the Dot Over Ninety (90). If we take a closer look, we can clearly see it:

Resultado de imagen de DON bezel

DON Bezel from WatchUSeek. It was available but It’s now SOLD.

Compare it now with a non-DON bezel Speedmaster, let’s see if you can spot the difference:

Resultado de imagen de Vintage Omega speedmaster

Source: Sansom Watches

This bezels were produced and used in the Speedmasters until 1970, but be careful, as some of them have a replacement bezel that was produced later in time. This is because some of the owners took their watches for service and Omega replaced those original DON bezels with replacements.

That’s why these watches are constantly rising in price, less of them are available through time and the demand is increasing. If you have one of them, take good care of it because it’s worth a fortune!

Don’t get me wrong, pieces with replacement bezels are also really attractive, but their collectible aspect is less compared it to a fully original piece.

“Credit for this article: “Fratello Watches” check the original article for further and more detailed information here.”

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