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About Us

Everything started when Javi received, as a present, his first watch: a Swatch Irony Chronograph. This watch was everything, he wore it everyday for a year and a half and shed some interest on watches to him. After this point, he started researching on the Internet and found that there were watches that weren’t powered by a battery! (quite fascinating for a teenager though).
He saw that watches had gears and moving part that had to work together to give, what we thought it was simple, the time. That was fascinating! And not only that, these watches had a history. Even the watch you wear is modern, it has a history, it wouldn’t have been produced if there wasn’t a previous model that inspired it. So, what were those previous models? (and here is when the exciting part comes) VINTAGE WATCHES!

Vintage watches had him fascinated and, on a kind-of impulse buy, he purchased a Longines Conquest from the 60’s… It was stunning, you could feel history, heritage and luxury running through his hands when holding that delicate piece of mechanical engineering that somehow still worked after almost 60 years. That’s when everything started. He thought that every person should own a watch, modern or vintage, but a good watch. That’s why he started Stem & Bezel, a platform not only to buy and sell watches, but also to get educated on them.