The product needs to be received in the same exact condition as it was initially received. If and only if this condition is met, we will issue a refund within 48h of receival.

Refunds are subject to a restocking fee of 5%, any overhead costs (such as shipping), will not be refunded.

The refund will be made by the same payment method the buyer used, unless both parties agree otherwise.

Do you have questions about

Shipping and returns?

Shipping policy:

We appreciate fast and efficient transactions, that is why we choose to offer free UPS Express shipping on all orders. You can expect us to ship the watch withing the next 24h from the time the funds clear. From there on, usually takes 24/72h for the package to be at your doorstep. We always offer tracked shipments.


All our sales are final. This means that we will not accept returns unless the description is largely misspecified (i.e. wrong expectations about the size or feel will not be an acceptable return condition).

However, if there exists a valid reason for a return, we will kindly accept it without further question asked. This process shall be arranged between both parties individually.

Only returns that are notified in the following 48h upon receival will be considered.

We will only take returns from buyers residing within the European Union.